After my last website redesign, I honestly didn’t use it very much. I immediately realised that the format of a list of projects does not fit at all with my vision of a personal page. I want to not only publish long posts describing finished products, but also write short notes, telling what I do when I go out and touch grass.

That is why this version of the website design was mostly based on the idea of a personal blog where I could feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and passions.



I really liked the positioning of the navbar from the previous version of the page, so I decided to bring it to the fourth version. If You open the main page of the website, You can spot a quite unique combination of a sidebar and a parallax background image. Usually, pages that use parallax also use a top-aligned navbar, but I liked my sidebar so much that I decided to combine the two rarely combined components.


It was also quite unusual for me to try using only two primary colours in the design: dark grey and white, and to use a wider pallet for accent colours, not limiting myself to only shades of grey.

I’m still not sure about the colour palate I chose, as I’ve received a lot of feedback during development that such a contrasting design is really straining on the eyes. If You also agree with this opinion, You are welcome to leave Your feedback in the comments or on the contact page. If I get enough of such comments, I’ll add additional colours and try think of some ways to reduce the design’s contrast.


When it comes to fonts, in the new version of the website I decided to take a more modern approach, choosing the main header font as the wide Syne ExtraBold, and using the familiar slightly rounded and sparkly Nunito Light, which used to be the heading font for the previous version of the website, for regular text.

Such a gap between the extra bold Syne at 900 units and Nunito at 300 serves a purpose to create a contrast between headers and plain text, which I didn’t do very well in my previous designs, giving the website a more modern look.


For the last two years I’ve been working on another project of mine, an authorisation system called P’s ID, about which some of You may already know. As a direct demonstration of this project I’ve decided to use it in my blog, adding the ability to leave comments under each and every post.

My blog is not just a place where I can report the progress on my projects. It’s a cosy corner of the Internet where I’d like to build a small community of like-minded people, who are also interested in absolutely everything and who also want to explore this wonderful world together with me.

That’s exactly why I’ve been doing this website for so long, trying to make sure that each and every aspect was perfect and up to my standards. Only the comment section I’ve been doing for a week, at least 6 hours a day. And I hope that my blog will be able to help to bring people together, and that we’ll be able to create a warm atmosphere of mutual help in this community.

Your opinion

And what do You think about the new website design? How can it be improved? Leave Your opinion in the comments below, try out the new system! I will respond to everyone!