I initially came across the musical «The Turnabout Encounter» by Random Encounters completely by accident, watching YouTube sometime in 2017-2018. I stumbled upon the Supercut version of the three parts of the musical not knowing anything about Ace Attorney, neither the game nor the anime.

I really liked this music, the style. In a way, this very video made me discover my love for musicals in general. Back then I didn’t speak much English, so I didn’t really understand what the story was about.

On the 5th of November 2020, as I was rewatching this musical once again, a sudden rhyme of sorts came to my head, which would fit perfectly for the song Wright is Wrong. Then came another one, and another one, and then, before I knew it, it was already 3 in the morning and I’d finished the first version of this translation.

Over the course of two and a half years, I’ve been returning to my translation many times, adding something to it or just refreshing my memory of the lyrics. Now I decided to improve the translation a bit and finally publish it here, on my new blog.

Lost in translation

It’s important to note that I mostly do verse translations, trying to preserve the rhyme and rhythm of a song. This translation is no exception, so the translated lyrics in some parts may not and will not carry the same meaning as the original, just for the sake of rhymes.

Of course, it’s impossible to translate the original pun of the protagonist’s surname Wright which resembles the word «right» and the word wrong. Nevertheless, I think that I was able to convey the general meaning and the energy of the song pretty well.

English Russian
There’s an old saying that the phoenix will rise up from the flame В мире легенда есть, что феникс из пламени восстаёт
But this ain’t no drama off Broadway or courtroom video game! Но это не драма Бродвея и за суд из игры не сойдёт!
Now you’ve run out of chances, and this trial’s taken too long У адвоката нет шансов, заседание уж долго идёт
So let’s end this… С этим покончим…
All the evidence was here all along Совокупность доказательств даёт,
Because Wright is Wrong! Что Райт чушь несёт!

All of your logic is faulty, your plans are all a disgrace! Нету здесь логики, и все твои планы – то сущий позор!
All of your traps are outdated, your tricks blow up in your face! Ловушки все я обезвредил, тузы в рукаве – полный вздор!

Sad to break the illusion, but it’s true, I knew all along Грустно снимать с тебя чары, но я прав, всё знал наперёд
You can’t fool me… Не дурак я…
Is it cruel of me to say it in song? Груб ли в песне вот такой поворот,
Because Wright is Wrong! Что Райт чушь несёт?

Forgive my lack of tact, but Wright knows little more than jack Простите, что не в такт, почти осёл наш адвокат
'Cause he’s a wacky, crackpot quack Ведь буйный странный он дурак,
Exactly that – a backward hack! И запишите, прямо так!
In fact, in spite of what’s been said Отбросив то, что я сказал,
In light of Wright’s quitе empty head Что он совсем немного шал,[1]
Mister Wright is Wrong! То Райт чушь несёт!

Now that you feel yoursеlf sinking, and watch things go up in smoke! Сейчас же ты понял, что тонешь и смотришь на проигрыш свой!
Finally you see you’re in trouble, but all your gimmicks are broke! Теперь ты увидел проблему, но провалился трюк твой!

Bluffs are just a distraction, and your case is clearly not strong Блеф твой – прямо как шутка, мы попали с тобой в переплёт
So let’s end this С этим покончим
And send Wright right back to where he belongs! Приговор этот тебе намекнёт,
Because Wright is Wrong! Что Райт чушь несёт!
Wright is Wrong! Чушь несёт!
Wright is Wrong… Чушь несёт…

The scene takes place during the second hearing of the case of the disappearance of Larry Butz. Maya Fey is suspected of murdering him, and her close friend Phoenix Wright is a defendant in her case. Miles Edgeworth, the ace prosecutor and Phoenix’s childhood friend faces him in the court. What a great chance for the prosecutor to tease and insult a losing attorney, despite their early friendship. This song serves as the culmination of the second act of the musical.


You can listen to the original version of Wright is Wrong performed by the talented Random Encounters team on YouTube, in the embed below:

I hope that You liked my translation! Don’t forget to leave a comment – share your opinion and help me improve the lyrics!

  1. «Шал» — a short form of the adjective «шалый» (bad-tempered, crazy). ↩︎